The Red Corolla

I was told my first piece should give the reader insight into what this blog is about, introducing the basis and all, but I say…f**k that. Let`s get right to what actually matters- the music. I chose this mixtape as my first piece to discuss because I believe it embodies what we (Nerlens Snelren) refer to as hip hop. This month Domo Genesis, member of Odd Future, Mellowhigh; followed up his debut solo album with a classic Domo mixtape- “Red Corolla”. The tape consisting of 10 quality tracks, kicks off with the title track (the red corolla) which takes you back to those days when you had to beg your mom to take the car out and if you brought it back with any problems she would slap the mess out of you. The title track ends with Domo yelling to his mom about how the car won’t start, a situation I found myself in countless amounts of time. I love when I feel an artist’s emotion through their music, and this mixtape really gave you that sense of reminiscence and reflection, especially the phone calls and conversations throughout the mixtape between Doms and his friends. I personally feel the best track on the mixtape is “Vintage Doms”, because the title is exactly what it is, and the beat is a loop of genius. If you have bumped Domo in the past (Under the Influence etc.) its easy to see he took it back to the roots on the whole tape, but especially on this track. Reflective Hip-Hop, how I refer to this type of hip-hop, being that while you listen you can reflect on life and be in your thoughts. As opposed to the brainwashing garbage saturating the airwaves, which essentially suppresses your thinking power, this genre of hip-hop gives you the freedom to think and relate. Open your ears for this one and check it out, it might just speak to you the way it has for me.

– Snelren