Toro Y Moi addresses his flaws flawlessly in his new project.

Usually,  I don`t appreciate the term of “transcending genres” because I believe it takes away from a certain culture, which many people have died trying to uphold. That is certainly the case when dealing with hip-hop, and how some of these new artists are trying to mesh hip-hop with pop, which does not sit right with me; takes me back to the day Hot 97 started playing Katy Perry. But periodically, a dope artist comes around and it is difficult to place them under a certain classification. I had this encounter in 2011, I loved the album “Torches” by Foster the People, and it contained so many different sounds (Hip-hop, psychedelic, rock, etc.), but I was able to play it around anyone and they would enjoy at least a few songs if not the whole track list. Come summer of 2017, and I find myself listening to one album that audibly takes care of my ears for every sound they desire. “Boo Boo”, Toro Y Moi`s newest project, has undoubtedly become my soundtrack for this summer for obvious reasons. I first heard of Moi in 2014 after he did some tracks with a fellow Bay Area artist Kool A.D., who I am also a big fan of, since then I have been keeping up with his music, and his exceptionally abstract music videos. Each track on this album follows the other, almost like a storybook, with each song representing a chapter. The album begins with “Mirage”, which kicks off with an electro-funk bassline and dope sample (all produced by Toro), and him crooning about how he is high as a kite just trying to have fun with a female who seems to be looking too into the situation. Moving into track 2,“No Show” kicks off with a deeper synth and shows more emotion right from the get. This track describes a recurring theme Moi expresses in this album, how his unexpected worldwide stardom has affected his personal relationships and life in general. It seems there is a woman from the Bay area who he left to pursue his goal, and she did not believe in him enough to go with him, that is a circumstance I am sure a lot of us can relate to. “Mona Lisa”, the third track on the album really gives me a “Foster the People” vibe, with the heavy electric synth and the drum sequence, not to mention Toro singing at a very high note (similar to Mark Foster); this song had a poppy feel but it doesn’t drag on the way pop songs tend to. My favorite song on this project has to be “Inside My Head”, due to its 80s sounding drum and bass line, which drops right away, including the funky synth. This whole album had remnants of 80s music, but this song feels like it can be played at a club present-day, or in the 80s and still fit the time. I love the hook and the way he continues to repeat it “got a tendency to stay inside my head, rather get a piece of what they have instead”; for me the lyrics to this song hit home, I am usually stuck in my own head. I tweeted it before and I will say it again, I truly feel this album can be performed in play form; I feel it is a very theatrical album and I can see pictures as I listen to it. I think Toro Y Moi has nailed it this time; he does the whole no-genre thing perfectly. If you want your summer to be musically sound I would recommend listening to this project, it doesn’t matter what genre you may prefer, I think this album can tickle the fancy of any music lover.